How much money do you have sitting around you and you don’t even realize?

Recently, as I did my monthly “closet cleaning” I realized half of my clothes were night out dresses. Some of which I haven’t worn in months even years ha!

I was introduced to OfferUp by my mother whom wanted me to help her advertise her Princess House inventory. We sold some of her things here and there and I slowly started adding some postings for minor things like an old lamp, canvas, and so on. Easy money! There was a time where I wasn’t working due to a car accident and well momma taught her baby Hustla’ mode since I can remember. Things sitting in my room, in our garage; literally made me come up on some money.

Cool thing about OfferUp is that it’s fast and efficient! You can add a posting in 2 seconds and you can track how many people are viewing your offer. You can mess with it and change the location you want your posting to show up in. (Normally I start around my area then I switch to Downey, Whittier, you know you 😉 lol ) I’ve gotten rid of all my dresses that were only taking up room in my closet. I live in a studio on my own, so having a drawer or any kind of furniture is a No-No as I like a clean and spacious place. You guys I’m not even kidding! You can get back your money’s worth on all those old clothes, shoes, accessories, purses, you don’t use anymore.

I’ve tried making side money with “completing surveys” and what not but that’s TOO time consuming and time is money! I encourage you guys to dust off your room. Get rid of old energy. Let go of things that are no longer serving you and get your money back- Invest that money, spend it as you wish. But get that money back or at least partial back 🙂

Cool thing about OfferUp too is that you can verify an individual. Make sure you meet in a safe place. You can also ship your items out and get paid directly to your bank account it’s that easy. Today I’ve made an additional $130 in 30 minutes and I’ve added new room in my closet 🙂

Thanks for reading! I’ll be posting more random blogs soon Xoxo! Fabby